Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sprite Step Off -- on TV and approaching ATL!

Check it out -- I'm posted on a site that used to have print product! My day-job stalled on posting it so we took the post on the road. A friend and I went to the Central Region leg of the Sprite Step Off in Chicago a while back and had a blast. Ludacris brought the house down, while Wale... well... I love the album! I didn't realize that "All The Way Turnt Up" by Roscoe Dash ft. Soulja Boy was tha jam or that Trey Songz's "Say Aah" had certified banga status until that night. I also didn't realize that my post was relevant to this site until I discovered the Sprite Step Off mini-series airing on MTV2.

The reality/documentary is hosted (but they really mean narrated) by Ludacris and follows 3 fraternities & 3 Sororities in the Southwest (ex. Texas) and Southeast (ex. Florida & Georgia) regions on their path to win Nationals. Ultimately, it's like a 3 hour True Life episode-- annoyingly split up into parts. Of course there is a non-African-American sorority in the fold, so it's guaranteed to be hater-rific.

Much love to the event planners for the Sprite Step Off. They had their shit together! You can find the tour on twitter and the remaining regional competitions are selling out! Act quick to get your ticket for Nationals in Atlanta on February 20th! As for the TV show, tune into MTV2, Sundays at 3pm for new episodes. It's only one episode deep, so jump right in.