Friday, February 5, 2010

ABDC Season 5, The East Regionals

Let's get right to business.

Legendary Seven
was the first crew to perform, and surprisingly enough they are allowed to compete with 2 members from Status Quo. I always forget that crew's name when people ask me. Dressed in preppy pink... I just wasn't trying to have the whole phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes story line. It's too early to recycle crews. With that said, they weren't bad. Seven abandons Quo's grittiness for clean lines but kept the hyper energy & tricks. Already miles ahead of the Southern crews. Up next was Draztik who should get public speaking lessons. They are an all-choreo crew and had problems with showing passion which ultimately made them seem a slightly boring blend of Fanny Pak & Rhythm City. Blueprint Cru from Canada showed that they could do it all and put Draztik to SHAME by adding tuttin', b-boy, stunts, and wacking. I will say that Bluprint Cru will probably get J.C.'s favorite critique of being "pose-y." I'm actually surprised that he didn't say it-- Hell I'm saying it. They were posey with their transitions. Fix it!

Static Noyze came out to be Fanny Pak incarnate. They came as trained dancers with the balls to choose Jay-Z's On To The Next One as their main song. I usually cringe when I hear the word lyrical, but I love it on this show because it almost guarantees creativity when tackling the weekly challenges. I can't say I'm completely convinced they can bring it as hard as Fanny Pak did, but they have me wanting to find out. Omarion felt they didn't put enough soul into it but J.C. was quick to defend them. Saltare looked really cute with the jump ropes and didn't miss their timing. I'm not the biggest stunt/gimmick crew fan. It was cute, but I don't care. I don't want them taking a spot from a crew I would rather see on the show. Just as I typed that-- Saltare & Blueprint Cru made it into the next round.

The battle was a close call to me. Of course my heart went to Static Noyze but Legendary Seven simply out-tricked all of them. Luckily the judges chose Static Noyze. I assume there is no gay-ish crew to emerge out of the West. The cultural diversity of Canadians, jump ropes, and gays win out. Let's be honest, there are going to be other crews like Legendary Seven and Draztik coming out of the West. We'll find out next week!