Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remember Popstars

I was watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch last weekend. was a slow day. Anyway they show an episode that had Eden's Crush, at the time they were called the Popstars, performing on the show. The all girl group was made up of Nicole Scherzinger, Rosanna Tavarez, Ivette Sosa, Maile Misajon and Ana Maria Lombo. Thanks Wikipedia!

This was a great flashback because I watched every episode of Popstars. For those who can't remember that far was the talent reality show before American Idol and Making the Band. It was wild looking at Nicole Scherzinger (Pre-Pussycat Dolls) perform. If only the show would have had enough foresight to make her a solo artist. But its starting to look like she does better in a group setting. Another member of the group was Rosanna Tavarez.
She is currently a host on the TV Guide channel. I'm so use to seeing Rosanna as a host, it was odd seeing her sing again. I still have the Eden's Crush CD somewhere in storage. It was a good album!!

I started watching all the videos on YouTube and the first clip I watched was this one from the show Popstars. It's of Nicole's audition to get on the show. I wonder what happen to the girl she beat out for the spot on the show?

This is the video for the single Get Over Yourself (Goodbye) by Eden's Crush