Friday, May 16, 2008

New Kids On The Block is Back!!

Many people braved the rain to see New Kids On The Block perform on The Today Show plaza. I just couldn't do it...people were out there last night at 10:30 PM so they could have their spots. I'm too old to be sleeping on the street and standing in the rain. Plus, where do you go to the bathroom when you do that?? I enjoyed the show from the comfort of my couch and TiVo. I giggled and sang along. I was very cute!

Just wanted to shout the the girl in the crowd wearing the black NKOTB painters hat with the neon logos. That was a great hat...someone cleaned out their closet!! After the show, I talked to my mom and she got rid of my NKOTB stuff. I had a lot of stuff...posters, pins and t-shirts. I could have made some good money off my Vintage NKOTB Collectibles. Here are the clips from the interview and performance. Enjoy!!

New Kids On The Block perform on the Today Show.

New Kids On The Block interview on the Today Show