Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Girl Has Charisma

This week they have to show Charisma. The girls break into groups with the team leaders representing the best from the last performance:

Group 1: Charlye (leader), Tiffanie, Nichole - “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”

Group 2: Carrie (leader), Jamie, Alexis, Cassandra - “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Group 3: Chrystina (leader), Natalie, Jenna, Ilisa - “Respect"

When the teams start working on their songs, Tiffanie didn’t seem to get the fact that she is over singing. Ilisa talks about her heart disease and is feeling the pressure of being different in the house. Chrystina and Natalie suck up most of the show with their self absorbed ramblings. Robin takes the girls to a listening party for Nicole Scherzinger’s album. What happen to that CD?? The girls next challenge was to perform a Pussycat Dolls song in front of a group of little girls at the party. The kids ripped into their performances. Ilisa and Natalie got mostly good comments from the kids. Natalie was the winner and was exempted from elimination. For some reason Tiffanie thought Natalie won because of her big boobs…and said maybe she should have showed her boobs to win. That Was Dumb!! They were little girls...maybe you need to just dance and sing better.

Ilisa decided to share her story with her house mates. But that didn’t change how Natalie treated her…but when you think about it she treats everyone the same. At elimination, all the teams did a good job…so much so that the judges had to decided by looking at everyone’s individual performances. Jenna, Chrystina, Alexis and Nichole had the weakest performances of the night. The bottom 2 came down to Chrystina and Alexis. But Alexis is the one that had to hang up her boa. Girl, you better go back to school! Next week they are giving the girl’s makeovers…just drop them off at a strip club.