Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flav’s Flavorette Roast

The girls are split into teams to put on the first Flavorette Roast. Each team had a professional writer to help them with their jokes.

Team 1: Prancer, Shy, Sinceer, Myammee. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (pick Hotlanta to roast)
Team 2: Bee-Ex, Bunz, Hotlanta, Seezinz and Grayvee (pick Shy to roast)

Comedian Sommore is the host for the roast. Team 1 brings Hotlanta to the stage to get roasted. They talked about her being fat and having herpes. Shy had jokes about all the girls in the other team. Next up was team 2 and they call Shy to the stage. They got on her about having bad breath. Bee-ex kills it…but the rest of the team just fell off. Flav took Shy on a solo date to the aquarium. They get in the tank with the sharks…well until the shark got to close to Flav’s man parts. Flav had to give Shy some mints…I guess the bad breath jokes were true. Flav can’t get it off his mind about the bump on Hotlanta’s lip (the girl’s called it herpes; she said it was a pimple). So he sends a doctor to the house to check her out. For the group date, Flav invites Bee-Ex to come along with them on the water park date. The twins give Flav a bubble bath before elimination…Bee-Ex interrupts and tells Flav she was on Fear Factor…then Grayvee comes to his room with pig feet…after he told her he didn’t like them.

Flav's Love Connections (Winners of the date):

Sommore Quote:

  • "How cute, how young...I mean, I always thought you ran a whore house. But now I see it's a daycare. You know. I mean, they look just like the girls for last season except new weave."

Herpes or Pimple - Doctor Results for Hotlanta:

  • It Was A Pimple (then she gets her clock)


  • GrayveeThe pig’s feet did it!!