Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What About Donnie...

Everyone else is recording but Donnie is waiting to get in the studio. It’s about time we started seeing more of Donnie in the studio…I was wonder what was up. He has been is spending a lot of time at the house while the groups are in the studio. Dawn talked about having to leave New Orleans with nothing and not having anything to go back to. Dawn and Que keep saying they are just friends...we will see how long that will last. She basically gives him an out..."your young"..."you don't need to be tied down"...but he don't want the out. She was happy...don't know why she was fronting like she didn't want him.

Diddy hooks Donnie up with producer Seven. What was up with the feather earrings dude had on?? He took him into a smoke filled studio and said he had doves in the other room…CRAZY. During a vocal practice with Danity Kane, Dawn has a hard time to connecting and is holding back her tears. Michael Bivins drops in to see what the guys have done and has a one-on-one talk with Donnie. Finally, they get a focus for Donnie’s CD and he is knocking out some songs. Dawn and Que kiss…so sweet...she wanted those juicy lips.