Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diddy wants the guys to Get Naked!!

Donnie asks Aubrey out on a date. So, they can get to know each other better. They have a nice dinner and finish the date with a kiss. When Donnie gets back to the hotel with the guys, he tells Robert that him and Aubrey kissed. The guys want to get into something…so Donnie invites some girls, they meet last season, to go with them to a bar. Two dates in one night Donnie…dang player. When they get to bar…Que decides to call Dawn and invites her over. Dawn and Aubrey head over to the bar to crash the date. Everyone knows they are coming but Donnie. Of course Aubrey is mad...Donnie just left a date with her and is now hanging out with another girl. Donnie is mad at Que about what went down. Brian gets mad at Que for including him in the mess.

Diddy takes everyone to Miami to work on the albums. Everyone will be living in the same house. After checking out the new crib, Donnie takes Aubrey to the side to talk about what happened. The guys have some vocal training at the house with Ankh. He tells the guys that they need to be more professional and to stop playing. Next thing you know Diddy drops by to talk to them. He makes the girls sing individually. The girls leave and Diddy wants to talk to the guys. They sing for him and he tells them they need to "Get Naked." With the song…stop thinking all nasty. He lets the guys back in the studio to work.

Next week is all about pimps and hoes and the hoes get a babysitter.