Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dance War: Finale

It's over...really...it's over. Dance War ended its boring strike. After basically re-watching the whole season...we got to watch the groups perform songs they had already done before. Oh yeah...there was a very forgettable performance the groups did with host Drew Lachey. Along the way they announced the new cast for Dancing With The Stars (I'll put that list in a separate post). Each group preformed an original song...which should have happen before the finale. After an extremely long show they finally announced the winner.

Team Bruno
Phillip, Zack, Lacey and Kelsey) took home the big win. I hope the winners get something out of this. I know they're getting a recording contract with Hollywood Records...but let's hope they get a good manager and some promotion for the album (if they get that far). If the show was set up differently, I think they could have made a decent pop group out of the people on the show. To everyone at ABC, please don't let this show come back for another season...I don't think we can take it.