Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Father of the Year

This week on Heroes, it was all about the dads. George Takei made another appearance as his character convinced his son that it was his fate to die, and he shouldn't try to change it. Hiro eventually takes his advice, but wisely took the chance to reveal his father's murder- Adam. (like you didn't already figure that out) Matt, the cop, is getting drunk with power now that he knows how to force his thoughts onto people. It started with making Molly eat her cereal and ended with him forcing Angela Petrelli to reveal the mystery women in the group photo. But Granny didn't give in too easily, she fought him to a nosebleed and called him the worst thing ever, "you're just like your dad!" (ouch!) But at least now, Matt and Hiro know about big, bad, regenerative Adam. However Mr. Bennett is clearly father of the year. He teamed up and gained the trust of Claire's boyfriend, despite having abducted the kid when he was twelve. Then, he managed to take his former boss's psychopathic daughter hostage for a trade to get Claire back. Mr. Bennett even revealed that Bob (his former boss) used to torture his daughter in the name of science/training and had the Hatian erase the memories. (Was it a clever lie? We may never know) Unfortunately, the paintings foretelling a bullet through the eye managed to come true, and Claire and family are grieving his death. Despite all of this commotion, Mr. Bennett is still alive because Bob managed to take some of Claire's blood, but he is now in the custody of the company. Now that the plot line of Mr. Bennett's non-death are done, we still have to figure out what's up with that virus. Save the writers, save Nikki! This is a plea to end the strike.