Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess who's coming to dinner

OK…after watching I Love New York the calls started coming in…Pretty = Gay. This week the ex-girlfriends/wife/sisters came to visit. Tailor Made’s wife came…I was expecting some Playboy Playmate to come thru the door…NOT. I felt bad when New York said she looked like Wesley Snipes in that Drag Queen movie. The Entertainer, Punk and Mr. Wise were the only ones that had ex-girlfriend to show up. Buddha has a restraining order against this last girlfriend and Pretty…well, not sure if he ever had a girlfriend to invite…so their sister’s came. Sister Patterson said the ex’s looked boyish and that being with New York would be an upgrade. New York and Sister Patterson interview the girls alone. The guys get surprised when they see Real & Chance in the integration room. You know Chance was trying to under the guy’s skin. I thought Tailor Made was going to cry when he saw them come thru the door. The Entertainer ex lets New York knows that he still lives at home with his parents (not a good look). Punk and Chance get into it like they were going to fight. Chance throws a chair then Punk flips a table. Mr. Wise has been contacting his ex before coming to the show and has called her. Buddha’s sister told the ladies that he has been violate. Pretty said that his family had met all his past girlfriends but his sister said she has met any of them. Why would he lie?? After all the interviews are over, New York goes out with Real & Chance to talk about what happened. Of course, Chance is trying to get some kisses in. Back at the house, Pretty calls his sister and she didn’t like the questions that were asked. Pretty is all upset about it…but the guys start looking at him like he is hiding something. New York gets back to the house with Real & Chance. Sister Patterson starts telling the other guys that Chance is pushing up on New York. You know Buddha is getting mad and decides to get Punk and confront Chance. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! Well…not really…Chance throws a glass, they guys are holding Buddha back and New York is screaming. Chance walks out…I was hoping he would stay a little longer. Chance and Buddha are too much alike (always ready to fight). Once all the drama was over…New York got back to the party to let the guys know what she learned about them. Tailor Made gets a good report. New York said she was concerned about Mr. Wise because his relationship with his ex. She was also concerned about Pretty. He gets mad, throws a glass and walks off. In a total bitch move he starts yelling about her weave needing to be fixed and her breast being fake. Where did that come from?? New York is screaming at him to get out of her house, he wants to get his bags but just walks out of the house. Pretty has something to hide…YES!!! Maybe that’s why he was so mad…he got pushed out of the closet. His MySpace page says he is straight (like people don’t lie on their web pages). Personally, I would love it if he was gay…he could be my friend (not boyfriend). We could go shopping, pick out lip gloss…it would be great.

During elimination the guys question if New York is still in love with Chance. New York apologies to all the guys for everything that went down. Buddha acted like it was the I Love Buddha show the way he was talking. He kept questioning New York’s commitment to them; thank goodness Sister Patterson cut him off and told them that they can leave if they don’t believe her. Since Pretty acted like a bitch and left, no one else will go home. Next week they gets compatibility test and couples therapy. They should have done that along time ago.

To see what went down with Pretty...watch the video below. Maybe Pretty should have been named Punk.