Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Chance At Love

We left Tila in the middle of Brandi asking to leave. Well…she left…so an additional girl is out of the competition. The remaining dater’s have a chocolate challenge…the person that can get the most chocolate off their body into a bucket will win an alone date. Bobby wins with 63 pounds of chocolate. Bobby and Tila have a sweet date but afterwards she has dates with the remaining daters. Everyone is fighting for Tila’s attention. The next day guess who shows up at the door…Brandi. What a difference a day makes. Brandi tells Tila that she made a mistake. Tila decides not to let her back in the house. I wouldn’t let someone back the walked out either…get to stepping. Tila has to decide who she will go home with to meet their family. At elimination there are only 4 keys to give out…one person has to go home. The person to go is Domenico. Everyone was sad to see him go (both the guys were crying).

The Hangover followed with more clips from the episode and what’s coming up next week. Tila hits the hometowns and meets the family. One visit includes a lap dance for Dani's grandmother. Yeah…not sure if that was a good idea...but she seemed to enjoy it. Domenico was there to talk about his time on the show.