Thursday, July 8, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 perform & results

This week on SYTYCD my season crush, Alex Wong, was sent home due to injury. It really sucks, but every one can agree that he was able to leave a mark on the show. Alex gave the show the strongest performances of the season so far. If Alex's injury wasn't as dire, he would have danced for his life against Billy and Ashley. We'll I'm glad that Robert has finally broke his bottom three streak, but I was surprised that Adechike survived the bottom this week. He would be my first choice to send home. I felt like his bartender character was the same as his "geek" one last week. I'm also surprised that Ashley was in the bottom. We stopped voting for good hip hop this week, America? I really like Ashley in that routine, but I do feel like her harem-ninja pants hindered her a little bit. Spy the Nappy Tabs routine, here.