Thursday, June 18, 2009

Casting Call: Ju-Taun Music Video

Have you ever wanted to be in a music video?? Here is your chance to be apart of Ju-Taun's Love Changes Things Movement. All you have to do is submit a short video or photo (directions listed below).

Their new CD drops on June if you want to be in the video you need to send in your submission. But hurry...time is of the don't want to miss out.


Love Changes Things is the title of our album coming out June 30th, but it is also one of the songs on the album. In fact, it is THE SONG that inspired the album. We are working on the video for the song and we would like to include all of you who want to be apart of the movement.

Here's what you do: (2 options)

1. Send us a short video of yourself on whatever digital camera you have(digital cam, web cam, cell phone, etc)

- Here's what you say:

***NOTE: this phrase should be said in WHATEVER language you speak***

"My name is (your name) from (where you're from) and I believe Love Changes Things".
If you're doing it as a group you can all say it together...

"We're from (where you're from) and we believe Love Changes Things."

2. Send us a photo of yourself holding a HANDWRITTEN sign saying "I BELIEVE LOVE CHANGES THINGS"

- make sure you include your name and where you are from in the email so we can add it to the video

send videos and photos to:

If you can't do it cool...but if you can..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!