Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sad Night For Shane Sparks

Last night the top 9 couples hit the stage on So You Think You Can Dance, and it was a rather confusing night. Last week favorites seem to lose their footing this week, while the two couple who were almost eliminated mostly stole the show. Johnathan & Karla, who is apparently a member of the Boogie Bots, performed an emotional contemporary routine to "Falling Slowly." Asuka & Vitolio also emoted themselves to the top during a lyrical waltz. Janette & Brandon gave disco their all, and Ade & Melissa stayed in the judges graces with their jazz number. Phillip struggled during the tango, but his popularity might carry him and his partner through this round. Kayla once again outdanced her partner, but at least this time it wasn't in his style. Randi & Evan went first and definetly performed enough to deserve safety. Unfortunately for them, this is a popularity game.

Both hip-hop dances were lackluster. Jason & Caitlin had no chemistry at all. It appeared as if they interpreted the routine in entirely different ways-- in that case I liked Jason's version a lot better/she sucked the life out of that routine. Ashely & Kupono ended the show with the non-love story hip hop routine (which seems to be the pattern with SYTYCD). I liked the idea of Ashely being Kupono's shadow, but she was outdancing him. He should have been her shadow! Kupono started the number off strong but then seemed to lose it halfway through. Shane's routines got the short end of this stick last night. Not the triumphant return, he deserved. He looked a little hurt. I would have wanted to cut a bitch myself, but thats just me.