Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kupono, The Unlikely Eliminator

Tonight Ashley and Max were sent home on So You Think You Can Dance. I seriously thought Kupono was on his way home after his solo. The judges even admitted that it wasn't great, but apparently he was stellar enough in the opening routine to win them over. Max looked a little pissed and I think he should be. But I still got a crush on you Kupono, even if you made the mistakc of choosing Janelle Monae for your solo. In a split decision, Ashley was sent home due to not having enough substance in her solo. I liked it better than Caitlin's. However, I probably just don't like Caitlin after she jacked up Shane's routine. Unfortunately, I think its okay to blame Ashley's elimination on Kupono's fail during their hip-hop routine. Sad for Ashley. Next week Kupono will now have to keep up with the frontrunner, Kayla. Fingers-crossed, Kupono. Want to be on season 6 of SYTYCD? Hurry! They are already auditioning!