Monday, February 9, 2009

GRAMMYS... Better With Free Drinks!

Did you watch the GRAMMY awards last night? I had the pleasure of seeing the show at the packed Chicago GRAMMY Viewing Party at Hard Rock Cafe. Open bar, free food-- luckily I got a seat! All in all, the show seemed to go pretty quick. I place some of the blame on the open bar, but mostly because they cut out even more awards the telecast. Assuming if you cared enough to watch, you would also just look online to see who actually won stuff. Seriously, who really watched the pre-telecast? After U2's opening performance the show kicked off with Jennifer Hudson winning the first award of the night. Right after Whitney Houston's appearance and shout out to Clive Davis... conspiracy? Punk (real name irrelevant) was in the crowd supporting his wife-to-be. I was happy for Adele as she took home the Best New Artist Award. I wasn't annoyed by the Jonas Brothers' performance with Stevie Wonder. He already let Raven Symone remake the song, so what's another Disney star? Lil Wayne won Best Rap Album as expected and found his peformance choice to be pretty classy and respectable. I think everyone forgets about New Orleans these days? Also Coldplay's love affair with GRAMMY voters is still going strong. I was a little bumbed for Jason Mraz, but almost offended when Paper Planes did not win Record of the Year. Probably the only award/song I actually cared about.

Now that I found my way to talking about M.I.A., I just have to preface that I've never been one to be on team-prego, but I was damn proud/happy/estatic to see M.I.A. rock the stage. I still feel like some hip hop fans don't want to acknowledge her, yet love Swagga Like Us. So I needed everyone to actually see her contribution to the song. On top of that she is ready to give birth-- that's a working mom! I would even give it a YouTube that Shit award, but it's been taken down since last time I looked. Maybe Kanye will put up video blog post for it. It seems there might be some drama behind Chris Brown & Rihanna absence, but the real question should be, where was Beyonce?