Friday, February 6, 2009

Black History Month: Storm

Did you forget it is Black History Month? We didn't. So I'm choosing to celebrate the (as far as I'm concerned) first great & popular Black female Superhero, Storm. Like all notable superheroes she has a complicated past. In some series/installments, she was born and raised in Harlem. Sometimes she is straight out of Africa, but let's not argue over nationality. She's easily one of the most powerful mutants to join the X-Men roster. She has even led the X-Men on occasion, and who can forget her battle with Callisto to become the leader of the Morlocks. Okay, maybe just me. I have never accepted any other fictional character that claims to control the weather. On some level, I believe that power belongs to Storm alone. NBC's Heroes doesn't have a weather-manipulator. Charmed didn't either. I believe there is a DC Comics villain with a weather-manipulating wand but he's a B-list villain at best. She practically has a monopoly on weather. The calm, wise, and sometimes celebrated Goddess, Storm has changed styles throughout the decades, but now more than ever she is an African Queen. Currently in the normal Marvel Universe, Storm is married to the Black Panther and they are ruling over part of Africa. Go 'head, Storm! Spoil The Ending salutes you.

To join in the celebration you can tune into tonight's episode of Wolverine and the X-Men on Nick Toons. If your cable package isn't that fat, then you can hope for a re-airing on Nickelodeon or simply watch it online at Nicktoon's official site. Tonight the X-Men aim to re-recuit Storm but find her possessed by the Shadow King.

*photo courtesy of Wikipedia