Friday, February 6, 2009

Down to Five

Six crews were cut down to five on last night's episode of America's Best Dance Crew. This week the crews had to update whacked-out and outdated dance. Quest went first with the "pendulum" from New Kids On The Block's Right Stuff. It was a solid performance that highlighted Hok (funny!), Steve (whoa!), & Victor (wow!), but I wouldn't say it was better than last week's. The curse of going first is real. What can I say? Strikers All-Stars got down to one of the anthems from my childhood, 2 Legit by MC Hammer. Again the Strikers showed so much energy and commitment that overpowered the song in a great way. I think artists should take note and get them in music videos because they can make your song sound way better than it is. Beat Freaks had to do "the Carlton" to Pretty Fly For A White Guy. This could have been the rock song that Team Millennia deserved, but oh well. They easily surpassed my expectations because "the Carlton" is just the defintion of whack! However, they managed to infuse the move and the routine with some serious hip hop style -- more importantly their style. Also they made a JC prank and made him the "white guy."

Dynamic Edition just avoided the bottom two and performed Achy Breaky Heart. Why wasn't Miley in the crowd this week? This song seemed to put them back into a comfort zone, which definetly showed, but why did they let the camera see them fighting! This isn't Gossip Girl. We don't need to see your personal strife! I have to give them credit for making fun of themselves with the fainting reference at the end. Although in real talk, I doubt it will win them more votes. In the bottom, Ringmasters and Fly Khicks had to dance for survival. Ringmasters were cursed with the Macarana and actually pulled it off. Whomever thought to mix a Reggae vibe into the song is near genius. Fly Khicks performed to Jock Jams banga--Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). You know you miss Jock Jams, don't lie! They had the scarfs like the lip-syncing chick in the video. They did the running man-roger rabbit hybrid dance all over the place. It was a strong performance, but I have to admit that the Ringmasters had more shock value in my opinion. Fly Khicks got the judges votes and the Ringmasters will continue to rep Brooklyn off the stage.

Youtube That Shit Awards go to Beat Freaks and Strikers All-Stars. Again those dudes force me into a tie. This time I feel that Beat Freaks got a real challenge and surpassed it, but Strikers are simply 2 Legit. I just can't deny their consistancy. They are the So Real Cru of this season. I've clearly banked on these two crews and Quest to take the top three. Next week is MAGIC week. F!@# illusions I want to see fireworks!

*photo courtesy of MTV