Friday, January 16, 2009

No Blacks Allowed On The Bachelor

Ok...I'm the first person to say black girls shouldn't waste their time going on certain reality dating shows because they won't win. It's true! The black girl (or the overly ethnic girls) usually gets the boot early on the show.

As I watched the new season of The Bachelor, I realized there were no women of color on the show. Maybe they came to their senses and stayed home during the casting call. I really doubt that...but it was a nice thought.
Was there a memo to the casting people that said no natural tans allowed? You know what I mean. Maybe the new Bachelor isn't into black women. Out of 13 season of the Bachelor and 4 seasons of the Bachelorette, there hasn't been a black person in the main spot looking for love on the show. They haven't even had a black person living in the house make it to the final 2. When do we get to have our Cinderella dream date?

Wake up ABC!!
We have a black President...but we are still waiting for a black Bachelor/Bachelorette. I refuse to believe the only black men worthy of dating on TV are Real, Chance, Ray J and Flavor Flav. I know there is a single black man or woman out there that would make a great candidate for the show. As a side note, when you do get a black person for the show...they don't have to be a professional athlete or ententainer. I want to see someone that is successful, professional and has a good heart. And no stripper poles in the house. Not that there's anything wrong with that...but leave that stuff over at VH1.