Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quest's quest to #1

Tonight is the big night. The premiere of America's Best Dance Crew's third season/cycle/installment!

Obviously, I'm excited. However I'm going to admit my biases right now. I am so excited for
Quest. If you've watched any season of So You Think You Can Dance, you should recognize at least one member of Quest. Perhaps, its Ryan from season one who can do a freeze balancing on his elbow. Maybe season three contestants, Hok who beat out Twitch for the final spot in the top 24. Maybe it's Dominic who made it to the top 10. I've been a fan of Quest back before it evolved from Sickstep crew.

So yeah, they have a head start in my book. Will their televised past result in a backlash? I hope not. I'm personally feel a little bummed that there is no audition special. It just
feels like they got a perfect score for showing up, but I'm completely aware that's not the case. I am looking forward to weeks of Lil Mama quotes, Shane saying "ya'll" 15 times a show, and JC getting boo-ed for having an opinion even without a British accent. Below is a clip of Quest on youtube posted by AznSniper941.