Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Father Knows Best

Time for another late recap of Heroes. Funny how I think nothing really happens in an episode until I watch it with people who haven't kept up. Today is about saving time to so let me break this down into what I feel like mattered.

Peter tried to kill his mom, and now he is in a coma after Sylar stopped him. Claire ran off to catch some villains, but was disgusted that her dad was working with Sylar. Only to be more disgusted when her dad tried to convince the villain at gunpoint to kill Sylar. Claire's biological mom tried to save her but went after the wrong villain and now she needs to be saved. Adam Monroe almost escaped from Hiro but he was kidnapped by the fear-powered villain. Hiro was asked to join the villains but his test was to kill Ando--which he easily did. Geez, I wonder why Ando wouldn't want to kill Hiro in present time. Speedster/Daphne was assigned by Linderman's ghost to go recruit Matt to join the revolution aka villains. Dr. Suresh is still crazy and now he kills normal people. Nathan found out that he was given powers-- just like Tracy. Mama Petreli had a vision in which she found out Papa Petreli will come back and kill everyone. Turns out that Matt's psychic troll of a dad is still conscious and created the Linderman ghost that is talking to Nathan and Daphne. Also Matt's dad is working for Papa Petreli and is probably going to revive Papa Petreli to full health with Adam's blood.