Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Danity Kane Does A Destiny's Child

Last night on Making The Band, Danity Kane was the main subject of the live finale show. Back in the day Destiny's Child did a big group shake up and now it's Danity Kane's turn. The group has went from 5 members to 3. Well...for now (maybe Making The Band 5??).

Diddy made the decision to kick out Aubrey and D. Woods (Ebony and Ivory). Well...mostly kicking out Aubrey. D. Woods was given the option of leaving. But she really didn't put up a fight to stay. She beat Aubrey out the door. Makes you wonder if she was just waiting on her chance to leave. We've always thought D. Woods would be the one to breakout for a solo deal. I was surpr
ised she didn't come to the live show to represent for the fans. The group kept saying that there was jealousy and no trust in the group. I was waiting for money issues but they never said anything about money. I hope things work out for Ebony and Ivory. It's hard out there for a reality star.

Oh yeah...the guys were there - Day 26 and Donnie Klang. The guys said they were staying together...the money must be right. I bet Donnie is so glad that he is a solo artist. I'm ready for Diddy's new show Starmaker to kick into gear now.

Do you think Diddy should replace Aubrey and D. Woods?