Monday, July 28, 2008

Laurieann Gibson Returns to MTB

I was looking for the trailer for Making The Band 4 - season 3 because my favorite person is returning to the show...Laurieann Gibson!! YAY!! Love her!!

Not sure how many episodes she will be on. I'm just glad she is back. After the big fight with Diddy during Making The Band 4 - season 1, I wasn't sure if this would ever happen. Business is business...and Diddy is a businessman. He knows what makes good TV. Since MTB, Laurieann worked on a CD, did a clothing line - Boom Kack and toured with Pulse...doing what she's known for...DANCING!! Gotta love her hustle.

The new season of Making The Band 4 starts Wednesday, August 13th @ 9/8 c on MTV.