Monday, July 28, 2008

Brooke's House Party

Brooke had a house party in her new condo. Things got out of hand and security has to come up. But the interesting part was the fact that Brooke invited her ex-boyfriend...a rapper named Stack$ and a new guy she met at the beach. I'm stuck on the fact that she dated a rapper. How did Hulk let that happen? It didn't look like Stack$ and Brooke would ever have any chemistry. It's really convenient that they are on the same record label. Free promotion!! Well...his album is coming out in September and you can check out his website There are better pics of Stack$ on his website but this photo is from his looks a little K-Fed-ish.

Brooke towered over both dudes anyway. She made them look like midgets as she walked around in her clear high heels. Why isn't she dating some basketball player? I hope this show gets better...a little on the boring side for my reality show taste. I love Glenn...I wish the show was all about him. I'm sure people are watching to see if Brooke has sex on the show.

The clip below is when Stack$ arrives to Brooke's party and reality show drama begins. wasn't that good. Do you think Brooke really dated him??