Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Blonde...

OK...I'm going to watch the new MTV reality show Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods. The host (and mentor) for the show is Haylie Duff. During the audition show the girls meet Jerry Mitchell, the legendary Broadway director...I more familiar with him on another reality show - Step It Up & Dance.

The 10 girls that made the cut meet
Laura Bell Bundy for a little inspiration. The next episode they moved into an apartment that looked like a pink sorority house. Soon their Elle Woods training kicked into high gear. They had to perform a scene with Nikki Snelson, who plays Brooke Wyndham in the musical. The first acting challenge winner was Bailey. She picked Lindsey to go with her to hang out with Nikki before the audition.

For the audition, the judges ask Nikki to drop a line during the scene to see how the girls would react. It was hard to watch...I wanted to say the next line for them. The bottom 3 girls were Lindsey, Cassie S. and Cassie O. Someone had to go home first and it was Cassie O. Oh how the tears flowed. That will make a hard trivia question one day. I'll stay tune in next week for more White Girls Crying.

Photo of the cast with Haylie Duff from
by Justin Borucki