Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 20 Dancers hit the stage!

So You Think You Can Dance finally got past its audition stages and the top 20 started the competition. This season seems to be contemporary dancer heavy, but I can't be too mad. I have enough art appreciation to know contemporary and modern dance is no joke. However the opposite is why I am in love with America's Best Dance Crew. It gives me an overdose of what I like without all the extra!

Those that should worry:
Jaime (ballroom) & Raven (ballet) went up first with a hip hop routine by Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, which left me disappointed. It was great choreography and I felt like it was wasted on them. However the judges cut them some slack- maybe because they went first. Marquis (contemporary) and Susie (ballroom) got the slow waltz. Only because they messed up that lift, and it was kind of obvious. Also, who really cares about the slow waltz, Dancing with the Stars fans? Be real! Courtney (contemporary) & Gev (b-boy) have to worry only because Nigel didn't like their disco performance, and I feel like he has much pull as Simon Cowell. Truth be told, I was started reading a comic book during their routine. Comfort (hip hop) and Chris (contemporary) should be bitting their nails too because they were out danced by the other couple who had perform a latin ballroom style. The only thing to save them from the bottom three is Comfort's popularity/personality. If not, Chris better be ready to "dance for his life" because the judges have enough love to keep Comfort past week one.

Two routines blew me away last night. The first was Mark (contemporary) and Chelsea H.'s (ballroom) dance to a Mia Michael's contemporary. The rehearsal clips had me nervous for Mark, but he was great in it. Everything about it seemed on point. Mia described the routine to be what she imagines Tim Burton's wedding to be like. The second and my favorite was Joshua (hip hop) and Katee's (contemporary) hip hop performance to Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown "No Air." This was also choreographed by Napoleon & Tabitha, and only left me more frustrated with the first group because they didn't give the choreography the fire/swagger it deserved. However, Katee and Joshua were in sync and gave it the emotion to make the steps tell the story.

Tonight, one guy and one girl will be sent packing. Tonight at 9/8 pm central.