Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes, Girlicious Is STILL Airing

This week the girls of Girlicious were tested on Star Quality. Robin split the girls into two groups to sing old school songs, but what she meant to say was traditional burlesque-ish songs. You can't say old school unless Salt-n-Pepa applies, Robin! Chrystina, Tiffany, and Charyle were given Thirteen Men. Natalie, Nichole, and Carrie were given Sway. Chrystina was moping all over the place because she sees Charyle as the judges favorite and nemesis. Chrystina and Natalie were so distraught over their conflict with Charyle that they claim they could not be in a group with her. Blah blah blah, but why did they take a bath together to relax? Is that what 18 to 20 year girls do in 2008? I'd stick with the EZ Bake oven, especially over sharing nasty bath water with somebody else. If you like bubbles so much- blow them, don't bathe in them!

The immunity challenge was to shoot a video for the single, which Charyle won. Rightfully so, she killed it and Chrystina let the girl out shine her. In the end, Chrystina got her act together. Natalie should have rehearsed more instead of sharing the tub, but Carrie was sent home. Robin cried when she sent her home. Therefore, she may pop up at a Pussycat Lounge near you. If the final group isn't Charyle, Tiffany, and Nichole, then Robin should just admit defeat in the reality show gig.