Friday, April 18, 2008

Girlicious... it's still on

I was so wrapped up with the anticlimactic Mariah Carey performance on American Idol that I forgot about Girlicious. I'm sick of I-miss-my-dead-friend ballads. It's the Great Depression of my life time and I just want to dance, music industry.

Anyways, on Girlicious the girls had to perform two songs as a 5 person group.
Natalie won the Public Image challenge, but there was no immunity this week. Instead her sound bite/intro will air on Extra... people still watch that show? All the girls made an attempt to put their differences aside except for Charyle. I need her to get it together because I want her in the group. Their performances were actually pretty good. I felt that Ron Fair's critiques were on point. The girls did show that they have real potential. Natalie did step up vocally, but Nichole and Tiffany have tones and vocal qualities that stand out and are hard to fake. Robin would be letting a good thing go by not choosing them. Unfortunately Charyle and Chrystina are too similar. They are direct competition. Since everyone stepped up- no one was sent home, but there is a internet rumor that 4 girls are chosen. I guess the finale is next week... I mean it's not like the show hasn't been jumping all over the time slots.