Friday, April 18, 2008

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

I guess your wondering what happen to the ANTM recap. Ok...maybe not. This week the girls have a red carpet challenge. To bad Dominique couldn't remember the name of the designer she was wearing. The challenge winner was Anya...she won a 7-Up photo shoot and $10,000. Getting paid must be great. Every time Anya wins a photo shot she ends up naked...hummmm.

doesn't have the travel papers necessary to leave the country so she misses the photo shot to try and get it worked out. This put Stacy Ann and Fatima in the bottom 2. I know something was up when they spent so much time showing Stacy Ann during the show...big hint...she was sent home. At least all her bags were packed. Stacy Ann was my favorite...I'm going to miss her. The other girls find out that they are heading to Rome. The CoverGirl of the week was Lauren. Looking for a pose by pose recap...check out Top Model Gossip. Below is the preview clip for next week.