Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who Is Girlicious Sexy??

This week the theme is Sexiness. You would think this would be an easy lesson...not so much. The girls are split into three groups to preform rock songs.

Group 1 – Nichole, Jenna, Chrystina – "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Group 2 - Carrie, Ilisa, Tiffanie – "Piece Of My Heart"

Group 3 – Jamie, Natalie, Charlye – "I Want You To Want Me"

Robin lets the girls know that judging will be based on individual performances and 2 girls will be going home. Natalie finds out that her grandmother passed away. The other girls step up to comfort her. I'm not sure she would have done the same if it had been someone else. Robin invites BlakeMcGrath , from DanceLife and So You Think You Can Dance, to judge the girls in a sexy dance off challenge. LOVE HIM!! They bring in a group of guys to help the girls create and perform a sexy dance routine. Ilisa has a hard time bringing out her sexy. Some of the routines were more slutty than others. The top two girls are Charlye and Chrystina. Chrystina won the challenge and immunity from elimination. Both girls received diamond Hello Kitty necklaces. I'll take one of those necklaces.

Check out the girl's sexy moves during the challenge.

Tiffanie, Charlye, Jenna and Chrystina get into a big argument over the raunchy dancing. I think they are telling them to do this dumb stuff so there is some drama on the show. It looked staged...but if it wasn' was just stupid. The next day Jenna decides she doesn’t want to go to rehearsal and is ready to go home. Robin talks her into staying. Jenna isn't going to last much longer with her work ethic. The groups perform decent numbers. Natalie, Ilisa, Jenna and Jamie had the weakest performances overall. Jamie and Ilisa land in the bottom 2…and both of them have to hang up their boas.

See what's going down next week...Natalie's diva moment looks special.