Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bret's U.S. HO.ish Show

The girl's are asked to put on an old school U.S.O. show for a group of veterans. Bret brings in 2 ladies from the U.S.O. to help the girls put together a show. Kristy Joe and Ambre do a tap dance routine. Kristy Joe's dancing is like a Monkey on crack...Hey...Bret said it...I just agree. Megan and Jessica strip down and hula-hoop. Destiney and Inna are suppose to be dancing but end up stripping...really stripping. Daisy was singing the National Anthem...if you want to call it singing. She couldn't remember the words...and she was holding a sheet of paper with the words on it. I felt sorry for those poor vets having to sit through that mess. The vets picked Jessica and Megan as the winners of the date. Bret plans a dinner with all the girls back at the house. Bret is asking the girls who is there for the right/wrong reasons. He was trying to start some drama. Ambre calls out Kristy Joe for being there for the wrong reasons. Destiney and Kristy Joe start yelling across the table...Bret leaves...Kristy Joe goes upstairs and starts packing. Bret decides to have a had a private talk with Kristy Joe...she keeps sucking him in (maybe that's what he likes...haha).

Bret takes Jessica and Megan to Ed Hardy to get some custom designed shirts. At lunch the girls tell Bret about Inna yelling at the U.S.O women that were there to help them.
Ambre tries to talk to Kristy Joe and work things out since they are roommates...whatever. Ambre should have been plotting to get that chick out of the house. During elimination it comes down to Inna and Kristy Joe. Bret sent Inna home and the last pass went to Kristy Joe. Why does he keep this chick in the house?? I guess he is just into crazy, married, Playboy model chicks.