Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tito Got Knocked Out

The teams have to create a magazine spread for Dial Yogurt Body Wash to be featured in Redbook. Trump let’s the teams know that the project manager will be on the chopping block if they lose. Omarosa goes from wanting to be the PM to asking Tito if he wants to do it...of course. Tito and Carol become the PM’s for the project. Piers wanted Carol to be the model in the ad. She gives in to what Piers is wanting even though she is the PM. Lennox directs the photo shoot and comes up with some provocative poses.

Trace becomes one of the models for his team’s ad. Stephen and Omarosa bump heads about which photos to use. She wanted to use a topless picture of Trace but Stephen said it was too risky. I liked the shots of Trace alone...but the pictures with Trace and the 2 shirtless male models was getting a little Broke Back Mountain for me. Trump was surprised at the pictures of Carol with a guy biting her shoulder but was looking for more from Tito’s team. The executives pick Carol’s team as the winner of the challenge and Carol gets another $20,000 for her charity (Tony Alt Memorial Foundation). Back in the boardroom, Tito got fired but Trump said that he is something special. Trump donates $50,000 to Tito’s charity (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital). Trump is just a big ole softy.