Saturday, February 16, 2008

Model's Acting Out

Finally…Katy has been sent home. Its better this way…she was going to keep getting put up by the judges. So, Frankie and Ronnie returned to the house. I’m starting to wonder why the girls are getting dropped left and right. This week the models learn about story telling. They do a photo shoot were Ben, Jacki and Perry are teamed up. The anger scene starts getting out of hand when Perry really makes Jacki mad. The photographer loved it and it was a great picture. The top 3 were Perry, Shannon and Holly. But Stephanie, Frankie and Casey struggled in the photo shoot.

Back at the house the girls want to talk to the boys about respect. The girls are tired of doing all the cleaning and the guys...mostly Perry acting like its their job to do it. The catwalk assignment is walking with drama. They pair everyone up in teams of 2 but one person has to walk alone. Jacki steps up to do the solo walk. They have a Valentine’s Day dinner at the house and everyone gets a message from home…well everyone except Perry. But he gets to call home to talk to his girlfriend. It sounds like she wants to break up but he won’t let her…hummm.

The runway had the pairs showing off their acting skills. The winner this week was Shannon. The bottom 3 wasn’t a surprise…but if the judges could have put up 4 people they would have…Casey is on the edge. He better step it up next week.

3 Models Up For Elimination - Week 6