Sunday, February 17, 2008

No One Is Fired

For the first time ever NO ONE was fired. Wondering how that happened...

The show started out with Donald reorganizing the teams. The
new Hydra team: Lennox, Piers, Omarosa and Carol. The new Empresario team: Tito, Trace, Marilu, Stephen. I guess they wanted more drama on the show...and boy did they get it. The teams find out the next challenge will be raising more selling carriage rides in Central Park. Trace wanted to be project manager because he wanted to win money for his charity. Piers wants to be project manager because he lost the last time and wanted to win some money.

Piers tells his team that the person that raises the least amount of money will go to the boardroom if they don't win. From jump Omarosa was having problems bringing in the big money donors. She decides to just pick fights with Piers. He got really mad when she starts bring up his kids. I enjoy a good fight as much as the next person...but I got tired of Omarosa's mouth. Pier tried firing her...but she wasn't going anywhere. She knows the game. The other team was working great together. Everyone was pitching in and bringing in big donations. I would be on Trace's team any day.

Back at the boardroom, the argument between Piers and Omarosa starts up...again. Trace's team raised $29,673.00 but Piers team raised $35,184.00. As the project manager for the winning team Piers got $64,857.00 for his charity. The charity is the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.
Since Piers' team won...that made him and Omarosa safe from being fired. It was just wrong to fire someone from a team that worked so good he didn't. But next week Omarosa is moving back to Empresario and Marilu will be on Team Hydra.