Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get The Party Started

Salt is throwing a party for her daughter Corin. It’s her first boy/girl party. Salt asks Pepa to help her plan the party. They take Corin shopping to look for an outfit and shoes for the party. Of course they bump heads on everything.

Pepa's niece, Tahira, comes up with the idea for Pep to pick up Corin and plan the party...without Salt! Mistake!! And just a side note...Tahira looks like Leilene from Flavor of Love 1. They go get Corin’s makeup and hair done. You know Pepa had that girl looking like a King Magazine chick. Shout Out To King!! Salt gets so mad she cancels the party. Pepa apologies to Salt for how things went down. Salt wasn’t going to punish Corin for something that was between them. So the party is going to happen but it will be scaled down from Pepa's original vision.

They decorate the basement and Corin had an outfit that looked her age. Pepa sneaks down to the party and Salt has to go get her. I’m sure the kids where wondering why VH1 was being so cheap. No Salt-N-Pepa song this time…I guess they got tired of trying to find a way to sticking one in.