Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's All Business

Snoop is in the studio with producer Teddy Riley working on the new album. While he is working Shante is left at home entertaining his family. Shante decides she needs to do her own thing and start a clothing line. The clothing line is called CoCoRi (Co-Corde, Co-Cordell, Ri-Cori). I think it's very cute name. Snoop goes on the road to do some interviews and performances. Constance, Snoop's manager (the real manager), hooks up Shante with a distributer and a design team. They rent a warehouse space for CoCoRi. It must be nice to money to work with.

Snoop's team is busy getting, DJ Quik and Soopafly for the album. Shante is making moves of her own at Industry Concepts to get the clothing line together. The kids pitch in to get the CoCoRi headquarters ready. By the time Snoop gets back in town...Shante has got her first designs in a store window in Beverly Hills. Dang...she made that look easy...too easy. Next week they renew their wedding vows.