Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flavor Flave...Where did the E come from?

This week on Flavor of Love the girls had to show Flav that they can heal his broken heart. Basically,they dressed up in nurse outfits for Flav. The group date winners went skydiving. Sheryl Lee Ralph (Motivational Speaker...but most people know her from acting on the show Moesha) drops in to talk to the women and motivate them to be better then the previous seasons. To bad it didn't help. I heard Sheryl on the Wendy Williams Experience the other day talking about the show. She said she spent an hour with them and they were all crying...but she knew it was fake when she saw Sinceeer talking trash after the fact. Not so much reality in reality TV. Check out the breakdown of the show.

Flav's Love Connections (Winners of the date):

Can't Spell Flavor Flav (Shouldn't they know this before they get in the house):
Flavor-licious Quote:
  • "These girls better start getting my name right or otherwise they ain't goin' have a bed to sleep in at the end of the night."
Crazy Alert: