Friday, February 15, 2008

Girlpower. Are we over it?

This week on Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew, we finally learned how our votes work and hopefully the final format of this show. The two groups with the lowest votes have the stress of performing last and being sent home by the judges. Cue the star; Knowledge is power! This week the theme was Music Video week, and some of the decisions- not made by the crews - seemed a little shady and with some thought behind it. Nobody got a Janet video which I'm still kind of bitter about.

Kaba Modern
was first with Chris Brown's "Wall To Wall," which was good for them. I too wonder if they could be precise outside of- dance term of the month- isolations. It wasn't their best, but they pulled it off and looked great on camera- like seriously they did. It's not the Paula in me speaking. Live In Color was given "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas, which was right up their alley. The leader truly looked like However, they did seem more spastic and slightly off than usual. Maybe it was lack of colorful clothes or maybe because "Hey Mama" is already energetic and combined with their own choreography seemed like the ride you avoid at the amusement park. JabbaWockeeZ got "Ice Box" by Omarion, which was in their style, and as JC implied- kinda beneath them. They matched the video's choreography in the overhead monitor perfectly. JC wisely pointed out that JabbaWockeeZ is flying under the radar, and people should watch out for them. Exactly what I've been telling SpoilTheEnding over the phone!

were given "Get Up" by Ciara, which strangely makes a good skating song. They skated; they humped; they jumped; and everyone cheered. It's that simple. Status Quo had "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. They fell flat and cried a little over it. It was a bad week for them, but it shows that Ol' School and Street are two separate sub-genres in the umbrella of hip-hop. Take notes, bad dance teachers in America. Battle survivors, Iconic got "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown. They did a great job, and shattered the fear of them not being able to handle higher paced choreography as the other groups have pulled off. The judges agreed it has been their best routine.

The bottom two groups were
Fysh n Chicks and Femme 5. Both all-girl crews? Really? Who's voting? I was sad to see Fysh n Chicks in the bottom. Fysh n Chicks danced to Beyonce's "Freakum Dress" and did pretty good. It was better than last week but probably not better than the first week. The girl in the green dress made a killer leg extension for a final pose. I found the video choice to be a little shady since it made them dress up. Femme 5 got recent pop anthem "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. Throughout the entire show, I could not figure out on my own that they were dressed as the Harajuku Girls. I knew there had to be a reason why they looked like a hot mess! Tokyo fashion is not for everybody. Despite that, Femme 5 was actually good. Too bad this didn't come a week earlier, as they were sent home this week. The "YouTube That Shit" awards go to JabbaWockeeZ by far, BreakSk8, and Iconic. Fysh n Chicks -only because America put them there this week, Live In Color, and Status Quo are probably more likely to be in the bottom two.

If you didn't watch the show you missed out on Lil Mama making the biggest ass out of herself to date. Completely interrupting JC, saying
masculent instead of masculine?! Time to get a GED. Jokes aside, she can't express her thoughts well. Several times- especially on her critique of Femme 5- I felt what she meant, but I didn't hear what she meant. You feel me?