Friday, February 29, 2008

The Drama Has Been Brought

Last night was Movie Set Week on Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew, and served to be the most dramatic episode thus far. The challenge this week was to dance on a set full of props including a car, dumpsters, light post, chain-linked fence, etc. while performing as characters with story telling choreography. There was some star power in the audience this week: including Hayden Penettiere, Mario, and Miley Cyrus. Shopping for dancers, perhaps?

JabbaWockeeZ performed as thieves to 50 Cent's "Ayo Technology." Being the Casanova-comedians they are, they ended with giving Lil Mama a pink mask she always wanted. She wants it. I gotta give it to her. Get it? JC criticized that they didn't do enough actual dancing, which is kinda true, but Shane shut him down by reiterating that the challenge is to act this week. Kaba Modern in my book put themselves back on top this week by being geeks and the popular girls to Snoop's "Sensual Seduction." I'm worried people might think it was to slow or long since their performances were longer this week, but they killed it. They acted and danced hard. I love the song, and I love Kaba Modern. Status Quo were mechanics dancing to "Hey Baby (Jump Off)" by Bow Wow & Omarion. They were completely in their element- jumping and flipping off of everything in sight. Honestly it was a little much for me, but thats not to say that it wasn't respectable or good. For the record it was respectable and good. It just too much of a circus on Red Bull to me. In other news, I totally called the bottom three. Pat on the back.

was saved out of the bottom two and embodied basketballers to Baby Bash's "What Is It." I agreed with Lil' Mama, this is the best they have done. The whole set looked like a disaster area for any pro on skates, and they had to dribble, not fall, etc. Even though JC didn't like it, they did a GREAT job. Fysh n Chicks played women who cut loose after work to Nelly Furtado's "Maneater." Mia, aka Clown Fysh, did some tap moves in the middle that impressed the judges. I was most impressed with Taeko, aka Coy Fysh, flipping over the fence and jumping right back into choreography. They seemed really in sync this week. Last to go was Live In Color as vampires and damsels in distress to Outkast's classic, "B.O.B." From what I remember, it was good. It was what you expect- high energy and they committed. Unfortunately and surprisingly, this week they were sent home. I thought they would last longer, and with Fysh n Chicks being no strangers to the bottom- I assumed they would go. It seems that the tapping and freestyle elements showed Fysh n Chicks to have a speck more creativity with their routine. Everyone was sad to see them go, and the remaining crews carried their flag as if it was fallen hero ceremony. It was touching and oddly appropriate.

The Youtube That Shit awards go to Kaba Modern and BreakSk8. I am not convinced at who will be in the bottom next week. No one fucked up their game last night. I would assume Fysh n Chicks and Status Quo have to worry since the viewers as a whole have let them slip into the bottom in the past, but it might be the worst we have seen JabbaWockeeZ. However, this simply shows that at their worst, they are still amazing and on point. Everyone in the top and bottom deserves to be on the show. Competition is getting serious! By the way, is there a prize for this? Best of luck to Live In Color, but its good to have you back Fysh n Chicks.