Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runway: Chris or Rami??

The remaining 4 designers must put together a collection of 12 looks. Each person had $8000.00 and 5 months to put everything together. Chris and Rami have to show the judges their 3 strongest looks...only one will move on to compete in Fashion Week.

Everyone goes home to create their collections.
Tim goes to visit everyone and see what they are working on. Christian, Jillian and Chris are all in New York working...Rami was in Los Angeles finishing his collection. It was really nice seeing a little more about each of the designers. We didn't meet any of Christian's friends... but I'm sure he was too busy working to have people over. Chris used human hair as a trim for some of his looks. Tim's compared them to being in a monkey house...something you have to get use too.

Chris and Rami did a great job...but only one person can move on. I was waiting for the judges to say everyone is going to Fashion Week...but the judges decided on Rami. He had some great pieces and I'm sure it was hard for the judges to pick. Chris had a good run...being kicked off...then brought back...winning challenges...and almost making it to the end. But hey...he still got a chance to show during Fashion Week. You can see Chris' collection on Who do you think should be in Fashion Week...Chris or Rami??