Friday, February 29, 2008

2 Models For The Price Of 1

The models move into their New York Loft. They only have 2 bedrooms: one with bunk beds and the other with one big bed (like on A Shot of Love with Tela Tequila). Mr. J and Mrs. J scoop up the girls to check out the city. The last stop was Time Square for their first runway show with my dream designers, Badgley Mischa. The next day the girls get critiqued by Paulina Porizkova, who turns out to be the new judge on the show (replacing Twiggy). The only interesting critique was Paulina calling Dominique a transvestite. That was mean might be my new favorite judge.

For the first photo shoot the girls have to pose with homeless youth from the Reciprocity Foundation. During elimination Kim told the judges that fashion didn’t interest her. Why in the world would you want to be a model?? So you know Tyra was getting ready to go off. Tyra asked her if she wanted to go home and she said yes…and went home. You know the other models were happy...until, Tyra told them someone would still be eliminated. Atalya and Amis were in the bottom 2. Funny, I couldn’t even remember Atalya being picked for the show. I guess the judges couldn’t either…so she was sent home. Two models down in one night...dang Tyra…this might be a quick season. Next week makeovers….someone get the tissues ready.