Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Danity Kane Getting Pimped

Diddy brings in his dream team to help get the albums together. Everyone is in the studio recording new songs. Danity Kane had a problem with the fact that they keep getting slow songs to record.
The guys on the other hand are feeling the songs they are getting. After the studio...the guys are get drunk at the club. Robert is falling down and walking into walls. The next day the trainer is there to work with everyone. Will didn't even get up for the workout, Robert is throwing up and Mike hurts his knee running. Then they got a visit from Diddy...so he decides they need a dean mother. Diddy hires Michael to be the new dean mother for the house. He moves in with mixed reviews. Michael compared himself to being Alice Brady. Honey...Alice wasn't a Brady.

Danity Kane talk to the Bad Boy team about the CD. Aubrey wants to talk to Diddy directly because they feel like they are being pimped. So they get a meeting with the boss. Diddy actually apologizes for not communicating the vision for the group. The girls start getting some up tempo/dance tracks. They were pleased.

The guys play a prank on Michael in hopes of getting him to quit. They push him in the pool. Yeah that would really make me want to quit a good paying job on TV. The girls try to get back at the guys by starting a food fight. That whole mess was just stupid...very Jr. High.