Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confidence vs. Bitchy

The girls move into the house and get their first challenge. They are split into three groups of 4:

Group 1: "Holiday"
by Madonna - Ilisa, Tiffanie, Nichole, Natalie

Group 2: "Tearin' Up My Heart" by N'Sync - Carrie, Chrystina, Charlye, Jenna
Group 3: "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears - Megan, Cassandra, Alexis, Jamie

JC Chasez
drops in on rehearsals to give the girls some advice. Is it just me or are is he becoming a reality show bitch. He really needs to fall back on some of these types of shows. Robin takes the girls to a baseball game to sing the national anthem. They break into groups to see who will perform during the game. Group 2 won the chance to perform...Carrie was the best...so she was safe from elimination this week.

Nichole felt like Natalie sabotaged the group. She probably did...she's trying to send some of those good singers home! Natalie is the bitch of the house (someone has to be the less talented bitch on the show). When I think of the songs they had to sing this week...I didn't think of these songs being hard. But it was painful listening to some of the performances. Megan (photo above) was the first girl to turn in her feather boa and move out of the house.