Friday, February 29, 2008

Snow Bunny Models

The next model to be voted out by America is Jacki. I guess the bitchiness from last week caught up to her. I liked Jacki...she should have stayed in the house longer. This leaves us with only 2 female models left....hummm. What's up with that Tyson??

The models do a photo shoot where they have to do action shots in the snow. Shannon gets sick has to go to the hospital but still makes it back for the photo shoot. Frankie had the worst photos so he was sent home. The next day, the trainer shows up to give the models a workout. They had a competition where the losing team would have to clean the house when they got back to New York. During the contest, Ben starts calling Casey gay and saying Perry had 2 women on his team (Ronnie and Casey). The losing team was Shannon, Ben and Holly. When they got home Ronnie has a talk with Ben and Casey about his gay comments. Ben apologized but it's
not a good look if you go up for eliminations.

The runway had a little twist to it...literally. At the end was a turntable that they had to stand on and do 3 different poses. Shannon had went to the hospital again...but came back for the runway. She is doing what she has to do to stay on the show. When the judges asked Casey about only doing 2 poses...he said he lost count. He lost count...counting to 3. This week Holly won the catwalk...the guys better watch out. The bottom 3 are Ben, Casey and Frankie...well at least we know a guy will go home next week.

3 Models Up For Elimination - Week 8