Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The NUT doesn't fall far from the tree

Before the latest episode aired, I was talking to friend and was trying to remember who was left on the show. I kept repeating Punk, Buddha and Tailor Made. I couldn’t remember who the other person was. Well the other person was The Entertainer. Hummmm....Guess who went home this week?

The guys were asked to clean the house because their parents were coming. Tailor Made’s dad (very charming...so that's were he gets it), Punk’s mom & sister, Buddha’s dad (good looking...so that's where he gets it) and The Entertainer’s mom & dad came to the house. New York takes out The Entertainer’s family & Punk’s family for dinner. It didn’t take long for The Entertainer’s mom and Sister Patterson to start arguing at the table. New York and Sister Patterson walk out of the restaurant. The Entertainer tries to talk to them outside but they send him back in to talk to his parents. Once New York and her mom come back inside…Sister Patterson starts telling The Entertainer’s dad that he is handsome (he's a good looking man)…which turns into another argument between the moms. The funniest part is when The Entertainer’s mom called Sister Patterson a transvestite. Punk’s family didn’t a word in during the dinner…probably a good thing because his mom doesn’t want him to be there anyway. The next day, New York had a pool party for Tailor Made’s family & Buddha’s family. Sister Patterson gives Buddha’s dad an ear full of how Buddha beat up Tailor Made…had him bleeding in the house. Buddha overhears the conversation and says she is telling a lie. New York tells Buddha that her mom is right even when she is wrong. HUH??? OK??? That night New York cooks dinner for all the families. Personally, I wouldn’t have eaten anything she cooked. Especially after seeing her drop meat on the floor and put it in the pot...I hope they didn’t feed that to anyone.

At dinner, New York asks about The Entertainer’s home life. His parents made it sound like they take care of him completely. He tried to lessen the blow by saying he helps out around the house. Well…at least he tried. I don’t think he’s that bad…maybe a sexual deviant but a good person inside. At elimination someone had to go home…this week it was The Entertainer (surprise). Before New York sends him home she lets him know he is a LOSER. I felt bad. Entertainer...Do your thing! But first, move out of your parent’s house. You’re a great guy but no one can see past you living with your parents.

Next week – The remaining 3 guys take a trip with their lady love to Miami. Yeah…Miami...I guess the budget got cut this time around.