Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey...That's My Tila

The final 3 arrive in Mexico to be with Tila. The first group date was swimming with dolphins. Amanda lost her bottoms in the pool…maybe that’s why she got the first one on one date. Amanda made sure to tell Tila what she thought of the other two. The next day, Tila and Amanda show up for breakfast after the over night date. Bobby was upset at breakfast and got into it with Tila. For the next group date, they have to go down a zip line. Of course, Dani went down first…well she is a firefighter. Amanda spent most of her time crying…but she made it down. Bobby said he was afraid of heights but had no problems…probably didn’t want to look stupid. The one on one date went to Bobby and the girls went shopping. Tila tells Bobby she wants to teach him…like he’s a kid in a toy store. Another tension filled breakfast after Bobby’s individual date. The final group date was at the hotel pool. Amanda tells Tila what she thinks about Dani. During Dani’s one on one date, Tila asks what she thinks of Amanda & Bobby. Back at the hotel, Amanda and Bobby play dress up…Bobby in a dress and heels (very entertaining). When Dani gives her toast…Tila starts crying. A lot of loving for Tila that night!! They all had another uncomfortable breakfast…this time in bed.

Back to the house for elimination…Tila chooses to send Amanda home. During the Hangover Show, they asked Amanda who she would choose. She said Dani. Then they asked who she thought Tila would choose she said Bobby. I think Tila will pick Bobby, but I hope Dani wins.

Next week – It’s a Recap Show…yeah I thought we were already getting that with the Hangover Show after every show…in 2 weeks the season finale. And if you haven’t been to MTV’s website they are casting for next season…YES…next season.