Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heroes die & Revive more than Stephano

This week was the oh so early season finale of "Heroes" and people seemed to die left and right. A revived Bennett made a deal with Bob to protect his family, which again makes him property of the company. Sylar shot Maya in the chest and made Mohinder test his vaccine on her. Unfortunately it worked. Maya now knows Sylar is evil, but he had already escaped Elle's one-armed attack. Nikki and son go to save black girl. Unfortunately Nikki did not have her powers. So when the good ol' burning plank blocked the path out of the burning building, she only had enough strength to free the black girl. Down in Texas, Hiro teleported circles around Peter, only to be done in by an electric current through the metal sword. Peter still don't understand Adam is crazy.

Meanwhile Nathan and Matt the cop team fly down to Odessa after getting Petrelli Mama out of jail. Adam and Peter slash their ways to the vault, only to have Hiro and Matt show up. Matt's grown abilities didn't affect Peter, but apparently listen
ing to his brother did. During their touching reunion, Hiro grabs and teleports Adam away without knowing he dropped the virus a split second before he did so. Peter races the clock and catches the vial before it broke. Then he uses his radiation/atomic bomb ability to destroy the virus. Nathan calls for a press conference and (like his daughter) planned to expose his ability to the world. However he got shot almost half the times of 50 Cent by who? Petrelli Mama!? Not sure she actually pulled the trigger, but she talked to some mystery person on the phone and apparently "[person on phone] just opened Pandora's Box." That's twisted! His own mother went Suge Knight on his ass. Now that Micah lost both his parents, he better pull a Batman and become a certified bad-ass.