Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It’s A Hair Thang

Pepa wants to start a line of hair weave. Salt isn’t feeling it but is open to hearing other ideas. Their manager sets up a meeting with people that have ideas for Salt and Pepa to endorse. None of the ideas sound like a winner. Pepa talks Salt into going to a store to look at some wigs and weaves. After the store, they head to the hair salon and Pepa talks Salt into getting her hair done. Salt goes home to mixed reviews on the new look. While she is trying to get use to the hair (basically it’s getting in the way - in her coffee and the car door)…Pepa is moving forward with the project. During their next meeting…their manager brings the images and packaging for the hair line. Salt isn’t happy that Pepa moved forward without her…but agrees to do the hair line.

Funny…no song this week...unless you count Salt doing Tina Turner.