Thursday, December 6, 2007

GOD don't like ugly...even if you're a model

Only 4 girls left, they arrive in Beijing. The model’s first challenge is to modernize a traditional Chinese dress. They are set loose in the mall to purchase items for the runway show. Bianca heads across the street to see what was available…just to find out it was more of the same. On her way back, she tells Jenah that she should go across the street because there is so much stuff (well it is a competition...but GOD don't like ugly). Of course she gets lost, finds nothing and is mad. Jenah ends up winning the challenge and picks Chantal to go with her. Someone should have been nicer during the challenge. They each got a dress made for them but Jenah gets a private runway lesson with Ms. J. I want private lessons Ms. J...hook me up!!! Jenah is breaking down at a time when she needs to be focused on the competition. The girls do their photo shoot at the Great Wall with Tyra as the photographer.

The eliminations this week are judged on their individual photo and a group photo. Chantal stands out the most in the group photo…so she receives her individual photo and the only group photo. Bianca and Jenah are in the bottom two. Bianca is sent home this week. Well…early reports from said she didn't win. Maybe we will see Bianca one day on BET’s Spring Bling fashion show.'s work!